Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A Disease in the Public Mind: A New Understanding of Why We Fought the Civil War

Thomas Fleming’s richly detailed and eminently readable account of events leading up to the Civil War, A Disease in the Public Mind (2013), is like a complex melodrama, populated by an intriguing assortment of heroes, villains, victims and plenty of surprises—some of which are very disturbing. Loaded with provocative insights, this book is a well-argued answer to that persistent question: Why did Americans fight the Civil War? 

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  1. the title sounds like a book about today's politics... but i suppose it's all connected: if it wasn't for the civil war, the country wouldn't be as divided as it is...

    1. So, the disease persists without remission? Hmm.... not sure about that prognosis.

    2. me neither... it all depends on your pov i guess...

  2. i'll be gone for a few days: vacation at the beach...